Extra Goodies this Wednesday (May 8th, 2013) – See you all soon !!

We are getting some extra goodies this Wednesday, for people who enjoy Uni and Bluefin tuna come have a feast. Hope see you all soon.

1. Fresh Farmed Sashimi Grade Bluefin Tuna Top Loins (Maguro) – (Limited Quantity)

2. California Gold Uni (Sea Urchin) – Best quality money can buy

3. Frozen Steamed Monkfish Liver (Ankimo) – The Foie Gras of the sea

4. Fresh Sashimi Grade Fatty Bluefin Tuna Belly Loins (Chutoro,Toro) – A must to try, if you like tuna Nigiri / Sashimi

5. Live Farm Raised Sashimi Grade Abalone – Never had it before, here is your chance. (Limited Quantity)

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